Colors Run

Colors Run is an arcade puzzle game ideal for all age groups and perfect for children to enjoy. The objective of the game is to grab the floating colored balls on the top of the screen using the circular ring that's located at the bottom part of the screen. You then have to match up the color of the circle with approaching colored balls.

To reduce tension, you can use two types of controls - the touch screen or the keyboard arrow keys depending on your preference. With either of them, you are able to drag the icons or objects on the screen to their corresponding places. The game also includes four different kinds of goals you can choose to complete as you go up in difficulty - easy, medium, hard and very hard. The challenging aspect of this game comes from its ability to change its level design just by changing the way you play. It presents new challenges and offers the player an opportunity to improve his or her finger dexterity just by playing with a different approach each time around.

You can choose between five different characters to play with during the game. Each character has its own unique attributes, skills and attributes, and in the case of four of them, you can even mix and match them to have an endless supply of strategies you can employ against your opponents. Most of these characters have their own set of attributes that are useful in getting the job done, including the cute looking birdo who's always there to protect his master, and the warrior duck who's really into battle but still shows great patience and forgiveness towards his enemies. There are other important supporting characters too, namely, the purple frog and the pirate captain who can come in handy at times as well, and the tiny pixel snail who's always there to see you out of the corner of your eye. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun in Colors Run Unblocked game!