This is the tale of you, your journey. It's diepio ! In this well crafted io game, you’ll choose from various game modes to play. Your task will be determined by which mode you choose. You can play in FFA mode, free for all. There is no restrictions in this mode. Just one rule. Shoot if it moves! You can play in survival mode and try to survive in the map. The last man standing will win the round. You can test the team modes and be a part of 2 or 4 teams on the map. You can also experience the domination mode and try to take over the dominators on the map. You can play the maze, sandbox and tag modes. The best thing about it is that it’s an online game. Diep.io unblocked is a joy that you will experience with players from all around the world. In all of the modes you’ll gain experience and upgrade your skills. You can choose your skilling process the way you want to build up your character. Just don't get caught on the enemies. Strenghten yourself till you can match with them. Click play and start a journey that you’ve never seen before in deip io !