Rambo Hit Em Up

Welcome to the free game Rambo Hit Em Up. This is a great shooting games. In Rambo Hit Em Up Unblocked game you can play as different Rambo heroes and blast away the zombies with various weapons. First there are Bruiser, who have powerful punches, but his speed is not as fast. Next is Hacksaw, who can slash away at zombies with her knife but her melee attack is less effective. Last but not least is Sneaky, who uses her stealth to get into trouble and then ambush the zombies. To really make the game fun, you can also change some of the characters such as entering Tiny Tiger to take out the slow-moving zombies.

The Rambo Hit Em Up games are so realistic that you can feel that you are really in the action. The graphics are quite good, the sound effects are just right, and the action is exciting. You should try Rambo Hit Em Up games to give your kids the thrill they have been looking for with this entertaining series. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Rambo Hit Em Up free online game!