Airport Rush

Welcome to the great game Airport Rush. This is a great arcade games. Airport Rush Unblocked game is the latest clicker game in which you control an airplane as it tries to reach the very top of a very large mountain. There are many challenges in this version including objectives which have a time limit. You also have to avoid strong enemies that fire slow-moving Turret lasers at you and other obstacles on your flight path. Every level also has a set goal. You have to continually fly your plane to reach the end goal.

The plane games with arcade style graphics are generally popular among kids, but Airport Rush game taps into the gaming potential of adults as well. This kids game offers a challenging objective for people of all ages, something that can't always be said of other similar games. Not only does Airport Rush offer a challenging gameplay, but it's filled with exciting, colorful graphics and a great soundtrack. If you enjoy arcade games with a good dose of action and visual content, you'll love this one! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Airport Rush Unblocked free game!