Welcome to the free game FireBlob. This is a great Arcade Games. FireBlob unblocked game is an arcade game where you act as the controlling character and use various tools to blast fireballs at the platform from all sides to clear the screen; there are different ways to play the game such that you can choose between "Normal" and" Chao" modes. The overall objective of the game is to destroy all the enemies and proceed to the next level by defeating the FireBlob's arch enemy, the Fire Lich. To begin with, you start with just one life which gets added each time you clear an obstacle course; once you have used up all your lives, the screen flashes "Loved Ones Are Abusing Their Time" and it will automatically save your game. To clear obstacles, press the space bar and the fireballs fly out in all directions; you can also use the jump button to increase the height of the fireballs. The basic goal in this arcade game is to destroy all the fireballs before they reach the bottom of the screen; if any enemy manages to cross your path, you lose your life. To successfully complete the game, use the freeze button to prevent your character from falling down.

In contrast to other platformer games, this one has more of an arcade feel and is therefore more difficult than some of its competitors. Although it is difficult, the music and voice overs do a good job in making this game challenging. Unlike other platformers, FireBlob features a cool nautical theme and the enemies are designed to look like nautical anchors and buoys, as you destroy them with your firebox. In addition, firebox enemies also blow up when you touch them; this adds a sense of realism to the game. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing FireBlob unblocked free game!