Welcome to the online game This is a great İo Games. is an action packed game in the shape of a puzzle which will have you thinking long hours, solving puzzles and planning to get rid of the numerous villainous bosses appearing all over its landscapes. This online game has been designed by Yup7 Games and published by Yup7 Games. The story of Dogod io Free Unblocked Game revolves around a young girl called Irina who lives a life of luxury in an idyllic paradise hidden somewhere deep within the woods. She lives alone apart from her faithful and helpful dog Pooky. One day while she is taking a walk in the woods, she gets attacked by a group of kidnappers who seem intent on taking her to their boss who lives in a nearby castle.

While playing the online game, you will notice that it has a number of interesting features like; the animated action sequences, various levels including a giant island and a snow-capped one, lots of objects and gadgets to collect along the way, special endings for each act and also many bonus rounds for each level as well. Apart from all these features, Unblocked game also offers the option for user co-op which pits you against each other in head-to-head battle. You can also take up the different challenges offered by the game against various waves of the same enemy, ranging from the easy, medium and difficult sets. The game is quite challenging and will keep you interested throughout the session. This is a game that you will want to download right away to experience the joy of such an exciting and thrilling action game coupled with its wonderful visual treats. wishes you have fun playing Unblocked Free Game!