Welcome to the online game Voxiom.io. This is a free io Game. Voxiom.io Unblocked Game is a competitive first-person survival shooter. The graphics of this first-person game are similar to those of Minecraft. Players start in a lobby, where they're dropped in a blocky world. They then must arm themselves with a shovel, pick up resources, and survive. The game is fun for players of all ages and is sure to capture your attention!

The controls of Voxiom.io Game are easy to learn and understand. The main buttons are W and A, which will move you forward and backward. The S and D keys will move you left and right. The Spacebar is used to jump and use weapons and shields. In this multiplayer game, you must avoid being consumed by toxic fog, and remember to use med packs! There are 3 continents to choose from, each with its own unique map and varying obstacles. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Voxiom.io Unblocked Free Game!