Crowd City

  Salute one of the greatest .IO Games there is: Crowd City! Those who know how addictive and fun playing an .io game will surely fall for this game immediately after they click on play, that's something we're sure about. Having said that, we can talk about the game now.   In Crowd City unblocked, what you need to do is simple. To win the game, your objective is to create the largest crowd on the map before the time runs out. Yes, you're in a city where there are many crowds whose goal is the same and you need to outnumber the crowds of other players. And you can do this by having the most people following you or eliminating other players. In other words, this game tests your leadership skills. Can you make people wandering around in city streets follow you? To learn this question's answer, start playing Crowd City now. You can choose your colour before you start and this will make it easier for you to distinguish yourself and your crowd from others. And after that, the struggle starts! First, you need to give your attention to white colored people to create your crowd. After that, your targets are crowds that are smaller than yours and the ones who aren't part of any crowd. You can see how many of you there are at the top of your head. You need to pay attention to time, and you can check the scoreboard at the upper right of the screen.    With its 3D graphics and simple gameplay, has everything that an .io game can offer. Being a multiplayer online game, it will give you the opportunity to play with/against people from around the world. Get ready to feel the excitement of playing a multiplayer game and prepare yourself for the competition waiting for you in Crowd City game. One last thing: if you like Hole io, Aquapark. io and Run Race 3D, most likely you'll like this one too! Good luck and have fun!