City Truck Driver

Welcome to the online game City Truck Driver. This is a great Simulation Game. Welcome to City Truck Driver Unblocked Game and excitement-loaded drifting stunts on a brand new City Truck Driver Simulator. Imagine being in the big city that's surrounded with construction sites, levee walls and several other cool places you get to learn lots of fun stunts and Drift and Stunt moves in this exciting City Truck Driver Simulator. In this thrilling role playing game, you'll take the part of a truck driver and be in command of the trucks as you make your way through the city delivering important goods to several important points.

As a City truck driver, your main mission is to deliver goods and make the city trucks drivers safe. Your ability to make quick decisions under pressure will decide if you succeed or fail in this exciting city driving simulator game. This thrilling city driving simulator game features high quality graphics, spectacular crashes and intense action. This exciting car-game comes with more than 40 challenging levels which will definitely challenge you to find out who is the master of the truck and who is the rookie in this City Stunt simulator game! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing City Truck Driver Unblocked Free Game!