Pet House - Little Friends

Welcome to the online game Pet House - Little Friends. This is a great Girl Game. The cute and lively animal pets are taken care of in the house provided by the kids, who can choose from various pets such as Dora, Fluffy and Boots. Each pet has its own story to tell and skills to excel in the pet care games. At the beginning of the game the player can choose which of the pet will be their favorite. The different pets can be adopted by adding color and cute accessories to the rooms.

There are various levels in the game and the earlier you start playing the higher level you will move to. For the various levels there are various items required by the pets and you will need these items constantly. Once you adopt a pet for the first time you will notice that it has many skills and can be trained for different jobs. Some of the jobs are as follow - Help fetch the item(s), clean up the mess and return back the item(s) when requested. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Pet House - Little Friends Unblocked Free Game!