Funny Eye Surgery

Funny Eye Surgery game is a fun simulation game that aims to restore the health of children who spend all their time on the computer with surgical interventions in a sterile environment due to problems in their eyes. With the left click button, you can easily do all the operations with the instruction of the hand that appears on the screen. Funny Eye Surgery Unblocked Game consists of 3 parts. In the first part, you should carefully clean the items that get into the eyes of the cute girl. You should choose lenses that allow the eye to see better with the eye test. In the second part, you have to eliminate the germs in the other child's eyes and heal them with the scratches and dressings you made. In the third and last part, you can make children look happier and cute by choosing a hairstyle, glasses and hat for healed children. Play  Funny Eye Surgery game to take firm steps and have fun on the road to becoming an ophthalmologist.