Stickman Peacekeeper

Welcome to the online game Stickman Peacekeeper. This is a online unblocked Shooting Game. Stickman Peacekeeper is an action-packed war simulation game with stick figure art animation. You play as a peacekeeper in a dystopian world, fighting waves of enemies while upgrading your war gear and defending your turf. Use your arrow keys to switch positions and point your mouse in the direction of your enemy. The goal of the game is to kill all enemies and clear all waves in order to earn experience and upgrade your skills.

Stickman Peacekeeper unblocked game is a shooting game where your goal is to eliminate successive waves of enemies. You must shoot your enemies before they overwhelm you, or else you'll lose all your health and armor. You can also learn special skills that will help you survive a wave of enemies. After you complete a mission, you can level up your character and upgrade your weapon, skills, and armor. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Stickman Peacekeeper Unblocked Free Game!