Real Drift Pro

Welcome to Real Drift Pro! You can almost smell burned up tires of the cars that finished the track. Stands are full of people that can't take their eyes from the talented drifters. It’s the ultimate thrill, it’s Real Drift Pro! In this exciting racing game, you’ll be drifting through different tracks. All of these different tracks has its unique qualities, so the game will never get repetitive, each playthrough will feel like as a brand new experience that you can easily enjoy. The main objective of the game could easily be understood by its name. You’ll be a daredevil drifter making wicked drifts through track after track. But beware. This game is not your everyday drift game. It’s a super realistic racing game, so you have to bring your A-Game if you wanna successfully finish the game. You’ll learn drift points for your artistic drifts. These drift points will come to you as a reward. With these rewards you’ll be able to unlock different and new cars that will double up the fun of your game experience in ways that you cannot imagine. Each car has its own qualities. Some cars are faster than the others but on these slower cars you’ll have more easy handling. It’s a fresh new breath into the racing games genre, an exciting change that you must experience. When you go offtrack while you’re drifting, it won't count as a valid drift; so you must always try to stay on track. But don't worry, the game will help you to decide when to start drifting to stay on the court. Real Drift Pro offers the fans of racing games realistic graphics. And one thing is for sure. You need to come play and see what this game offers you yourself.  So don't be shy. Start playing and start drifting your way through the glory right now!