Cyber Racer Battles

Welcome to the online game Cyber Racer Battles. This is a great Action Game. Cyber Racer Battles Unblocked Game is an online racing game. It's an online version of the classic arcade game Cyber Racer. Cyber Racer Battles free game is an intense, top down twin stick style racing game using the anime art of CyberCafe. It's a very addictive game that is perfect for those who enjoy driving games with great action and fast paced gameplay.

There are several modes in this game, each mode has a number of levels. The main game mode is Story mode, here you play as Arlen Bales who lives on Cyber Island and is one of the best race car drivers in the game, he also happens to be the father of Cyber Racer's mother. You start this game by choosing your character (cyber racers) from the various selection in the game menu. There are three classes: stunt driver, racer, and bounty hunter, each of them has different set of weapons, abilities and vehicles available for use in the racing stages, and you get to select one of these classes for your first mission.

Each of the three different modes in the game can be played with or without a partner. In Story mode you need to help Arlen Bales, who happens to be the only person alive on Cyber Island, to find out why there are mysterious craft crashing into the island. In the stunt split game mode you have to race against the computer generated versions of other players and do tricks on the tracks you find yourself on, while in the racing game mode you need to get to the finish line first to win. There are also several unlockable upgrades in this fast paced racing game, such as the all terrain vehicle, the turbo sound activated driving mode, the damage boosting, the shield system and the pit stop boosting. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Cyber Racer Battles Unblocked Free Game!