Drag Racing Rivals

  Here's a notable addition to the collection of racing games: Drag Racing Rivals. It’s full of action, rivalry and awesome cars. Awesome cars that go up to incredible speeds. From the name of drag racing rivals car you can get the genre of the game. It’s a racing game. After loading screen, an attractive woman will welcome you to the game. You’ll start out with an easy, test race. It’s just to warm the player into the game. After that, each race will get harder and each opponent will be tougher to beat. But don't worry, drag racing cars is not one of those games that shoots player into the game without telling what they can do to success. The game has tons of useful tutorial that explain the mechanics of the game, how to play and what to do in given circumstances.   When you actually start playing the game you will just gaze into its awesome 3D graphics. They are detailed and realistic and will make you feel like you're actually drifting. After each race you will win dollars. You can check your car dealer after races to buy new and amazing cars to expand your gallery. Or you can modify your current car. You can even do paint jobs and get your car unidentified even by you. You can use all of these features with the dollars you’ll earn. There are many different nuances each race that will make you earn more dollars. There are prizes for perfect starts, perfect shifts and finishing the races #1 seat.   Drag racing games especially on browser games were never this detailed before. You’ll shift your way to success. There are many things that makes the game stand out among its peers. For example even the camera angles are way cooler than the other games. They’re unique. Game mechanics are just off the charts, you’ll never had a hard time comprehending them. Overall, it’s a thrill ride that must be experienced. Come into the flashy world of draft car by clicking play right now!