Mahjong Connect Deluxe

Mahjong Connect Deluxe is a new puzzle game based on popular Chinese Mahjong tile arrangement game. In it you have to remove all the tiles matching in color to the remaining tiles. You will match similar colored tiles with each other to remove them from your board, where each connection cannot have more than 4 turns. To win the game you will have to remove all the tiles matching in color to the other tiles.

Mahjong Connect Deluxe Unblocked game is not the same as most of mahjong puzzle games, since the basic rules of the game have not been changed. This version allows you to remove duplicate tiles and create various patterns with same colored tiles. It is based on a simple logic - if you can create a pattern of identical tiles, you can also remove those tiles.

This version of classic mahjong game has many interesting features that make it different from its predecessors. You'll get the nice graphics of the traditional Mahjong game without the complex rules, which makes this game more attractive for players who are just looking to have fun and entertain themselves during Halloween celebrations with friends. You'll find this version of mahjong game much challenging than the original game. To play Mahjong Connect Deluxe game you will need an internet browser and a mouse, and a keyboard to play match 2 games online with a unique strategy. wishes you success in Mahjong Connect Deluxe game. Have fun.