Retro Speed

Welcome to the online game Retro Speed. This is a great Car Game. Retro Speed Unblocked Game is an exciting fast-paced racing game perfect for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. If you enjoy going fast while also thinking about the history, Retro Speed is just the kind of racing game that you have been looking for. In Retro Speed, you get to drive your own vintage race car through an endless highway. You are sure to feel like a kid again as you compete with everyone else in your town for fastest race times and best overall scores.

The game is very challenging, and not suitable for all audiences. If you have a problem controlling your car or need more excitement, consider another driving game on the PC. This version features a completely different background, and the cars have brand new paint. The graphics are clearer and less colorful than the older version, which will probably be enough to distract you from the challenge of playing. The controls are simple and intuitive. They are designed to be played without even having to touch your arm.

Retro Speed contains over 30 levels across three different eras. Each level is designed to test your ability to master precision timing and maneuverability, as well as your driving skill. As you progress through the game, the difficulty level goes up so that you will never get stuck and become frustrated. Retro Speed comes with four challenge stages, which increases the replay value of the game even more! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Retro Speed Unblocked Free Game!