Dice Push

Dice Push is a fun new genre combining the arcade and puzzle game genres. First you are rolling the dice trying to add an additional army onto your side of the table. The objective is to push the bottom part of the board to either the left or right. Either way, push the bottom part of the board all the way over to the other side. Whether you have been playing this game for some time or just new to it, here something to really take your game to a higher level. This game has a great action packed gameplay coupled with a few neat little challenges that will keep you on your toes.

The twist in Dice Push Unblocked game is that the dice are not rolling randomly on the flat board but are instead rolling off of a magnetic pad that is placed on the board. This magnetic pad adds a whole new element to this game. What this means is that not only are you trying to get your dice over to your opponent's side, but also trying to get them to stay on that side. If you place your magnetic pad on the bottom most part of the board, then obviously you are trying to get your opponent's side to stay down! Yup7.com wishes you success and have fun playing Dice Push.