Red and Blue Adventure 2

Welcome to the online game Red and Blue Adventure 2. This is a great 2 Player Game. Red and Blue Adventure 2 Unblocked Game is an action-packed, 2 player game that puts you in command of your character, who has apparently crash landed on planet Earth. Two monsters of your best friend: a green square and a triangle with two blue squares on its back go on an adventure again on the top platform worlds in the single player game Red and Blue Adventure 2 online. Your task is to save your friends from the grasp of the evil forces of darkness and earn points for your performance. The single player action game will let you enjoy the thrill of action-packed game play as you rescue your good buddies and do all that you can to stop the bad guys from taking over the world.

One of the best things about the game is that you get to be the hero, and this time you can save the Earth and take charge of yourself. This will give you an extra life, and you will also be able to use special power ups such as the boomerang, or the ice cream cone. You can also pick up the mini-games such as the bubble shooter and the bow drill, but if you really want to have fun then you can skip all these and opt to just focus on beating the enemies. The one thing that you will surely enjoy playing the adventure games are the excellent colorful graphics and top notch sound effects that accompany every action - both on screen and off screen. The action is pretty fast-paced, and the characters are drawn beautifully too, with some really cool details including the flames around the heads of the enemies, and also the special effects that were used to make them fly through the air and pop into other shapes.

A great addition to the action packed game would be the option to not just continue where you left off, but to continue where you started by picking up all the previously collected coins and the star. This helps you advance through the levels faster, and also gives the sense of progression throughout the whole game. Another option in the game would be the ability to pick between different types of play with the arrow keys instead of using the mouse. Although it is not that much of an option in this game, it would have made for a more relaxing gaming experience, especially when you are stuck somewhere and have nothing really happening around you. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Red and Blue Adventure 2 Unblocked free game!