Hero Turtle

This is an exciting Hero Turtle Game. You have to help brave little turtles accomplish various missions in each universe. In this Brave Hero Turtle Unblocked Game you also face several perilous challenges and many dangerous enemies. Turtles are so versatile to run, climb, jump and execute crushing blows on opponents. This game provides the real adventure with out the hassles of leveling up and other tedious procedures.

Now you can take on more than one mission, which enhances your fighting abilities. You are aided by four turtles who assist you in these adventures. They can combine into a powerful team and perform amazing stunts and attacks which help you defeat the enemy. The hero turtle adventure takes you to different worlds, where you take on the roles of the turtles as they save the earth.

In this Hero Turtle game adventure game you are aided by four turtles who join your cause against the greedy Shifu. Together, they go on a wild ride through space and solve various puzzles to reach the bottom of the ocean. The hero turtle fights Shifu and then the evil boss turtle Kaido. Kaido is a giant turtle who commands the army of his lackeys to do his bidding. Kaido sends the turtles into battle and you are aided by them too. You have to help them defeat Shifu, rescue the turtles and restore peace to the earth. Yup7.com wishes you success in the Hero Turtle game.