Kingdom of Ninja 2

Kingdom of Ninja 2 is free adventure game. In this second installment of ninjas adventure, the goal is still to achieve a high score which can be done by completing level. However, in this version, you also have the option of choosing some of the top challenges to complete for every level, and you may also try to crack the five-story levels and five mini-games as well. To provide this exciting adventure, the game comes with beautiful background and superb graphics which really bring life to it.

When you start playing the adventure, you'll probably find the story of the game very intriguing. With the help of an enterprising young man named Naruto, you once again return to the ninja world to finish another mission. This time, however, there's a new obstacle in front of you - ninjas who are waiting to attack you. It's up to you to overcome them.

The graphics and background of the game are a nice change from the original version. Besides, the overall theme and style of the game are much different from the first game. This allows the player to enjoy more while playing Kingdom of Ninja 2 Unblocked game! wishes you have fun playing Kingdom of Ninja 2 free game.