Dr Dice

Dr Dice is a fun game for all ages. This fast-paced game has a unique look and play that challenges all of your thinking powers. You are always going to find yourself getting more confused as you try to make sense of the puzzle. Some people are just plain captivated with the way this game plays out and are always looking for new things to do with the dice.

Dr Dice Unblocked game is one of the top playing games on the site and comes with an audio version of the game as well. This adds a whole new dimension to playing the game since you can have the same experience as the game is being played on air. These free games are so fun and easy to download, that you will be back playing again. The large database gives you the opportunity to find new ways to make sense of the puzzle and eventually become an expert at it.

These free games on Dr Dice game are not just simple flash games that anyone can pick up. In addition they are interactive and incorporate the concept of logic into the mix to keep you entertained and wanting to play more. When you first start playing the Dr. Dice you do not have much confidence in your ability to solve the puzzle and come out with a score that will impress anyone. But after some time with this challenging puzzle game, you will begin to see that you are making progress and that your brain gets better at making sense of the puzzle. You will soon find yourself becoming quite the expert at this game.