Noob vs Zombie

You are a Noob or a Zombie when you start playing Noob Vs Zombie game which is actually the ultimate blend of adventure and strategy. This game is very simple to play but once you start playing with it, you will not stop until you have cleared all levels and killed all the zombies that have fallen in your path.

The story of the Noob vs Zombie Unblocked game is simple enough; you start playing as a zombie who finds himself trapped in a grocery store with a group of other zombies. Naturally the zombies want to eat you alive but no one else seems to be interested in helping you out. With that idea in mind, you must find a way to fight off the enemy before they get to you. It might sound easy but in fact, you will find yourself running from one trouble to another and finally down to the grocery store with a bunch of useful stuff in your bag. This is where the adventure games come in with this game, as you will have to find a way to take care of yourself while you try to defend the grocery store from the hordes of Zombies.

After surviving the whole level, the game then switches over to adventure games and you have to help yourself survive by fighting off waves of enemies and puzzles that will surely be thrown your way. Noob Vs Zombie online game is certainly a fun game that anyone can enjoy. The graphics are simple enough to allow you to enjoy the game even without professional help and the action games that you'll find are action packed with powerful graphics and sounds to really keep you and the player's interest. These adventure games can be played alone or you can opt to play co-op mode which offers twice the amount of excitement. Noob vs Zombie game are definitely one game you should consider playing if you like adventure games.