Highway Racer 3D

Now fans of fast sports cars have a great opportunity to go to the dream race, and your character Racer Driver wants you to go along with him on an exciting journey that may never end. But before leaving the garage, your car needs to be pumped, that is, to improve various units and components, just try to meet your means. With each departure, you will earn more money and then you can improve everything in the car, or buy a new powerful car. During the trip, try to earn as many points as possible, they will turn into money after the game, and in order to earn them you need to perform various dangerous stunts, for example, sharp turns and approaching other road users as closely as possible and everything else. The main thing is to try not to run into other cars, otherwise you will have to start over. Driving your car on the highway do not worry, if suddenly it gets dark, it just dropped the night. In addition to changing the time of day, you will ride in the rain and other weather conditions.