Road of Fury Desert Strike

The crook Duke Mo again starts his dirty games, and this time the villain plans to take control of the whole world. His latest prototype of weapons of mass destruction works fine, and if Duke is not stopped, the world will fall to his feet very soon. Fortunately, Russ’s world criminal fighter is again on the hunt, and if you help his wheelbarrow armed to the teeth clean the desert from the gangsters, all its gangsters, including the leader of the criminal gang, will be destroyed very soon. Just drive through the arid desert and destroy all enemies that come your way. It will be difficult, but the game is worth the candle! HOW TO PLAY: The desert, and indeed the whole world, can no longer be freed from the evil plans of Duke Mo, except for arming the teeth of Russ machine and crazy driving through the desert. Remember that the thugs will hide from you behind every bush and hillock. Be accurate in shooting, because the game awards balls for each opponent that was shot. For points you can buy upgrades and strengthen the firepower of the car! One such improvement could be, for example, fixing weapons on the hood. Enjoy crazy speed in endless desert spaces, shooting gangsters and earning points!