Ringo Starfish

If you are looking for a cool pc game then I'd definitely suggest Ringo Starfish. It's a great retro-styled 2D arcade game in which you will navigate to it via the use of mouse and keyboard. In this fun game you have to collect all the missing stars on your way to the finish line while battling against all types of enemies. The storyline revolves around a greedy pirate captain who's intention is to get his hands on all the gems you will find by searching the different ocean regions on Earth. To achieve this task, he'll send his toughest and most brainwashed robots after you to destroy you and prevent you from getting the required number of gems.

This platform game is quite challenging, as you will have to avoid all kinds of pitfalls and attacks that come along your way to complete the mission and acquire all the required gems. Aside from the usual enemies that you will be facing throughout your journey, there are also several unusual obstacles such as those that stop your ship from moving or those that push you back when you go up against them. Another cool feature that you will encounter is the pixel art-style visuals, where you will occasionally see cut-out images taken from a picture of an enemy. Also, if you collect enough stars after successfully completing the level then you can purchase the ultimate starfish coin which comes with three lives, giving you an extra chance to face various enemies while gaining experience points (EXP) for every successful battle you take part in.

The overall game design is quite nice with some nice background music and effects that create the right mood for this fantastic platformer. The controls are quite simple and with easy-to-read buttons making it possible for even children to play this game. The only minor drawback I could find was the fact that due to its pixel based graphics (which are quite small), the game could get quite slow at times especially during the later levels when your starfish are bigger in size. Overall, Ringo Starfish Unblocked game will be an interesting game to play and has much replay value as well. Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Ringo Starfish Unblocked free game!