zBall 4 Halloween

Welcome to the online game zBall 4 Halloween. This is a great Platform Game. zBall 4 Halloween cool game is a simple online Platform Game. Zball 4 Halloween Unblocked game combines a fun time skill game with an online multiplayer html5 game that's perfect for leveling up, spending some time with friends and generally having a good time. You simply need to stay on your platform and collect icons on the screen. The objective is basically to be the fastest Witch to hit all the moving targets.

If you happen to miss your mark while trying to hit an icon, don't worry. Once you've collected a certain amount of icons, the screen will automatically count down and you can try again. This gives you the element of chance to take another crack at hitting an icon. It helps to practice, just like we always tell you to. With a bit more practice and some more careful aiming, you can score in the high twenties, and if you're really lucky, get as high as fifty!

The basic game is very easy, but the real fun comes when you play the online multiplayer version. You can switch directions at anytime during the game - up or down - and also switch hats, which makes the game even more fun. Some hats give you a small speed boost, so it's a good idea to always have a few extra hats on hand. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing zBall 4 Halloween Unblocked Free Game!