Cut It Perfect

Cut it Perfect is a cool kid-friendly arcade game with cute cartoon animal and colorful fruit models to play. Some of these are simple axisymmetrical figures, others are a little more complicated. Only when you cut them down to the bare minimum and with 47% and 53%, you can successfully complete the next level. For every five pieces you cut, another four become available for use. You accumulate points and that adds up to one hundred and twenty-two for the whole level, counting the bonus fruit you receive at the end for completing it.

When I first played this game for the very first time I was excited because it was a brand new arcade game where boy meets girl, boy fights girl and boy solve puzzles. The boy in my game, a very young boy, fell down a well and needed to be revived. The girl with him in the other side of the well was having a difficult time of it, she also needed to revive a boy who fell from the top of the well. It all started when they came across some mushrooms which could be used to Cut It Perfect Unblocked Game.

The fruit and animals are very well designed and animated, they look really good on the screen. The controls are simple enough, but boy does it take concentration. The controls are really challenging and if you do not know how to use them, then it could become frustrating really quickly. That being said, I think that this is a cool game that your kids will enjoy playing and it does have a neat little storyline too, that if continued will get really interesting. wishes you success in Cut It Perfect game.