Bubble Shooter

If balls appeared on the screen, it means that soon there will be fun and excitement. There is nothing better than shooting colorful balls when you need to relax a bit, relax or get rid of tedious and annoying problems. Or just temporarily move away from more serious games that require complete immersion into the plot. Balls - it's always easy, but very rarely easy. After all, you are required not just accuracy or quick reaction, you have to become a real sniper! But now it's time to move on to the game. HOW TO PLAY: Your little colorful enemy balls confidently occupied the top of the playing field. And now they are no less resolutely trying to occupy the rest of the free space of the screen. But you can stop this colorful invasion. If you quickly learn all the skills of shooting balls. You will not have guns, just a ball that needs to be launched upwards along a different trajectory. The ball can be of different colors, so you need to carefully choose your goals. The shot brings points and destroys the balls, only in one case - when your projectile falls into several balls of the same color. Try to do without blunders - the balls go down quickly and you will not be given extra lives