Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

Welcome to the online game Super Friday Night Squid Challenge. This is a great Adventure Game. Super Friday Night Squid Challenge Unblocked Game is the perfect game for young boys and girls. Whether you enjoy playing casual games, online casual games, or multiplayer online games, it's the ideal game to play. Play the super Friday night game now! The game is a simple action game where you have to eat as many kitties as you possibly can in five minutes. When you eat the kitty, they will move into the kitty pot. You have to repeat the action each time you want to eat kitty treats.

The super cool features of this game include the cool flashing background with the kitty pot and the fun game play with cute squid graphics. It also includes two player game where each player controls one button on their controller. Play for up to five minutes and then earn a star for each kitty you eat. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Super Friday Night Squid Challenge Unblocked Free Game!