Emma Disaster

Emma Disaster game is a fun dress up game where you can add beauty to the princess with beautiful clothes and accessories by healing the wounds of the princess who was seriously injured by accident. In order to remove the glass pieces from the body of the princess lying in pain in the hospital, you can hold the tool indicated by the arrow and drag it with the mouse. You can clean the wounds with a cotton ball and sew open wounds with a needle. You should stick the band-aid on your wounds, you can heal the scar with the cream you apply. You should measure your blood pressure and give your injection. After making a fruit juice from various fruits and drinking it to the princess, you can see her smiling face heal.
In Emma Disaster Unbolcked game, you have to choose the best hairstyle for the princess and complete the combination of dress and shoes. You can prove that it does not lose anything from its eye-catching appearance with the accessory options suitable for its style. Play Emma Disaster game to make the princess laugh and have fun.