Stuntz Online

Here’s an amazing racing game for you: Stuntz Online. In this colourful thrill ride, you’ll be doing wicked stunts on wacky platforms. And it's %100 free! The game has many cool qualities. It offers the player colourful and cartoonish graphics, so surely you’ll have fun while you’re playing the game. It has simple but efficient game mechanics. Your garage will be wide, so you can try out lots of different and awesome cars. The game gives the player 3 cars at the beginning. You’re gonna have to participate in the maps and do cool stunts to collect some $$$ to unlock new awesome cars. You can even unlock a concept car! There are 3 maps on the game: Hazelgreen, Silverstone and Ironbank. Each map has its own characteristics and platfroms where you can perform your stunts. That's why, you’ll never get enough of playing this wonderful game. You can even adjust the hours that you're gonna play. You can play during daytime or nighttime. Each car has a nitro, so you’re gonna like that boost! You'll get to know what it feels like boosting your nitro through a platform and doing unbelievable stunts, flipping through the air and conquering the skies. All of these are just one click away from you. Don't be shy, step into the awesome world of Stuntz Online right now. Have fun! If you like playing games like this, you might want to have a look at our Car Games or Racing Games section for more. There are many great games waiting to be discovered on our website. Don't hesitate to try them, you won't regret it.