Loop Mania

  The latest frenzy on action games category: Loop Mania! It’s a wacky action game that easily shows how game psychics can be simple yet amazing.   In this exciting ride, you’ll find yourself as a ball that roams around a circle. At first you’ll be standing at the centre of this circle. Once you get down to the orbit of the circle you have to collect all of the coins there to proceed to next round. The more coins you get, the more successful you are in Loop Mania game. But of course you’ll not be alone on the orbit. Otherwise the game would boring. There will be different objects that will chase you around. If they catch, we’re sorry the game is over. But don't worry, there is a way to defeat those harmful objects. With your well timed left clicks you can go straight towards those objects and blow them. You can bounce around the orbit to eliminate your enemies as long as you wish. But be careful. Only the well placed jumps can eliminate the opponent. The cycles will go round and round, the higher rounds will bring higher scores but as rounds go by, the enemy will gain speed. At some point they will be faster than you can comprehend. It’s crucial to bounce around at these for success. Loop Mania unblocked game features sci-fi-esque qualities and it mixes them with cyberpunk music. These qualities will give the game a futuristic vibe and will strengthen your wonder about the game. Its physics is a product of pure art. When you put those awesome physics with fluid and efficent gamemechanics and support these qualities with awesome graphics and electrifying soundtrack, the final product will be Loop Mania unblocked.   In other words, an addictive game that you simply won't want to stop playing is waiting for you. Click play and join this amazing experience now!