Burnout Extreme Drift 3

Welcome to the online game Burnout Extreme Drift 3. This is a great Car Game. Burnout Extreme Drift 3 is a new car game that lets you become a racer in the ring with all the thrills and spills that comes with the adrenaline rush. You need to participate in many drift races, which are held regularly in different cities of the nation. The very first thing that you have to do before getting started is to go to your nearest gaming store and pick up your very own personal vehicle. You then have to choose from a range of cars that are available there such as a light weight, mid size car or a big powerful sports car. These cars will then be used to participate in races, which you can choose either by yourself or against other racing game players.

The goal of the game Burnout Extreme Drift 3 Unblocked Game is for you to earn money by winning races and derailing other racers' vehicles off the track. There are two game modes in this car racing game and you can switch between them whenever you feel the need. In the novice mode, you have a smaller car with less power, whereas in expert mode you will use a huge car with more power and speed. The game is played in 3D environment using the Unreal Engine technology, and the car customization and graphics effects will really make you feel like you are on an exotic road trip through the outback of Australia.

You can purchase upgrades for your car such as air suspension, horsepower upgrades, tires, steering and many others with cash earned by winning races. You also get to buy skins for your car, which are also acquired by winning races. The amount of money that you can earn through the Burnout Extreme Drift 3 online game is huge and it is tempting to keep buying these upgrades to increase your score. However, they tend to wear out after a while, and you will then need to purchase new ones. It's always advisable to play through Burnout Extreme before playing other car games so that you get an idea about the difficulty levels and you don't get discouraged when you face a tough opponent who beats you within a few seconds. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Burnout Extreme Drift 3 Unblocked Free Game!