Hill Climb Racing

With great success came the new game Hill Climb Racing on the operating systems of our home computers, but before that it received a well-deserved success on mobile devices. In fact, you have a regular race in two-dimensional space, in which both boys and girls can play. The main character is racer Ralph, who can’t imagine his life without adrenaline and crazy tricks. Every day Ralph begins with a dream of a new race, and with each new racing competition, the tracks he chooses becomes much more difficult and crazier. And it is worth noting that no one has ever traveled along these tracks to Ralph. Yes, we can safely say that on some tracks the laws of attraction and gravity do not work, but this does not prevent it and certainly does not stop it. Therefore, do not be surprised if you see among the available tracks - the tracks of other planets, for example Mars, or the satellite of our planet - the Moon. Note that going to the vehicle shop, you will be able to find there not only racing cars, but also one-wheeled vehicles, and a tank along with a snowmobile motorcycle are present. By the way, you probably noticed that a snowmobile is the most expensive of all vehicles, but do not think that it best copes with all the difficulties on all routes. Having a little experience on the tracks and the most affordable cars, you will understand that for every track there is a certain type of vehicle on which you can drive as far as possible. For example, testing a motorcycle and a tank for ourselves decided that the farthest they go on all tracks, but again this is only our subjective assessment, which can be completely different from your experience of playing