Dart Wheel

Do you want to play a nice, fun game that tests your shooting skills but doesn't include any violence or disturbing images? If yes, you've found it. It's Dart Wheel! In this cartoonish, adorable game, you’ll be shooting darts to targets on a rotating wheel. There is a catch though. There is also a human being tied up the wheel next to your targets! Your task is to hit the targets on that wheel without hitting the human. If you can hit the targets you won't lose any of your darts. But if you hit the person on the wheel accidentally or deliberately, you'll lose your darts. If you aim outside of the target, background or anywhere else, again you'll lose your darts. You'll only have 5 darts for each level, so use them carefully and make them count. Each level it will get harder for you to succeed. It will start to rotate counterclockwise and will get faster than you can imagine. It has colourful graphics and carefully designed levels which will make you have an awesome gaming experience. Hit all targets, pass the levels and finish the game!