Puppet Football: Fighters

Football is a sport for strong and hardy people. In the game Puppet Football: Fighters we will open to you a new facet of football. As you know, the ball can be hit hard, but at standard matches it is done quite by accident. But, what if the rules were changed and now the main condition will be to hit the opponent with a hard ball? That is exactly what will be in today's game. You will play puppet football fighters who are in no way inferior to the fighters in the ring. They have a strong punch and a heavy, not hand, but in our case, foot. The game continues the well-known series of games Puppet Football, where there are several modes: standard game, campaign and tournament. In the standard game mode, you can play with your opponents and defeat several bosses. In the campaign mode, you have to overcome battle after battle with your team of players and move from one level to the next on a large game map. To get to the tournament you have to upgrade to the fourth level and only then can you participate in a big tournament where your opponents are already looking forward to. The essence of the game is that you must destroy your enemy with a ball or a special ability. Each player has his own health scale and, as soon as you score a goal into the opponent's goal, then his health decreases and vice versa. The higher your level, the greater the damage from your hits. After each victory, you will receive prizes. These could be diamonds, gold coins and even new players. Players, you can pump with gold. So, you can knock together a strong and dangerous team. Enjoy the game and good luck!