Tap Tap Shots

  Welcome to Tap Tap Shots. Do you like playing basketball? Do you think you're good at it? Here's a great game for you to practise. Get ready to test your basketball skills with it!   In this fun basketball tapping game, what you need to do is simple. You need to score as many consecutive baskets as you can. You'll have to tap the ball to take your shot. The buzzer will start when you make your first shot. After that, you'll have to put the ball in the basket if you want to keep on playing the game. The challenge is, you will be dealing with different height nets each time in tap tap shots games. You just need to click your left mouse button to make the ball move. Start playing now and see tap tap shots high score.   Tap tap shots basketball offers simple yet enjoyable game mechanics. You'll find yourself fighting with the urge to play tap tap shots unblocked constantly. When you're on hot streak, the ball will burst into flames. Get ready to make some field goals for succession. For more games like this, visit our Kids Games and Basketball Games sections. Have fun playing!