Boxing Random

Welcome to the online game Boxing Random. This is a great Sport Game. Boxing Random Unblocked Game is part of the sport game series. This time around, the game gets to take on the super sport that most men loved - boxing! In this challenging game, the player assumes the role of a recently-trained boxer with just one button. Hitting the punches button rapidly will make the fighter jump up and extend his arm into a punch. However, if you press the'stop' button at any point during the attack, your character will stop in mid-air and wait for a few seconds before doing any punches. The screen will inform you how much damage your character is doing as well as the number of times he has landed hits.

The boxing game features many exciting and new fighting techniques such as the counter-turn, head butt, knee bar, guillotine choke, teepo tail, kick hook, and the ever-popular roundhouse kick. Other exciting features include various power ups and upgrades for you to buy. There are many other fighting games on the market today that have some of these same features, but I feel that Boxing Random's version has some awesome features that separate it from the pack. This fighting game online is a little bit different, in my opinion, than the others.

One of the best features of this boxing game is its sound effects. It has an all new, high quality soundtrack that will really get you going during a match. The game is also compatible with the popular fighting games community online, which gives you access to a lot of helpful information about the different moves and techniques included in the package. The game is free to play, so there really isn't anything to lose. If you love fighting games, then you will love this new release! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Boxing Random Unblocked Free Game!