Monster Underground

For fans of Click and Deal type games, the Monster Underground is one to consider. Basically, you're in a mining town and you need to help the miners gain access to a mysterious underground facility guarded by creatures known as 'ogs'. Your mission is to find out what the heck these monsters are and destroy them before the ore can be taken by the monsters for profit. You'll run into plenty of action packed puzzle games along the way as you fight through the tunnels to reach the bottom.

Monster Underground Unblocked game is a fun game with many different elements including adventure, suspense, and action. Playing as part of a clicker and mouse based game takes some time to get used to but once you do, the scenery, action, and story line will keep you coming back for more. A few of my favorite elements of the game are the cute little monsters, you have to battle, the funny and crazy boss battles, and the exciting mine cart sequence leading up to each boss fight. wishes you success and have fun playing Monster Underground free unblocked game!