Basket Swooshes Plus

Swoosh! And the basket is good! In this thrilling sports game, your task is to make accurate shoots in front of a fiery crowd. The game offers colourful graphics and simple gameplay so you’ll fall in love with this game in no time. This sports thrill ride has 3 modes. You can play against time and start trying to make 11 points in less than a minute. Or you can try to win a tournament against the ai. On this mode you'll choose a nation from a variety of countries and try to make it proud! The first country that makes 11 points will win the match. Last but not least, you can play the multiplayer mode and try to win against your friend or a gamer from across the globe. One thing is for sure. Whatever mode you choose, this game guarentees that you'll have fun. Click play and start swooshing now in Basket Swooshes Plus!