18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator 2

Welcome to the online game 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator 2. This is a great Simulation Game. No doubt that 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator Unblocked game is the most authentic driving game online that you will find. The reason why people are so impressed with 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator 2 is because it offers a true truck driving simulator game with all the details and realistic graphics that will really take you into a life like situation. In this game, truck driver Max is hired by Dusty to deliver a load of lumber to his employer John. However, the load suddenly falls off the back of Max's truck, and he has to get help from three other truck driving crew members before he can complete his delivery. Max needs to save his cargo, but first he must get the truck running by fixing all the technical problems. You can either do this yourself or use the in-game assistance that is available for purchase with your purchase. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator 2 Unblocked Free Game!