Tom and Jerry: Match and Catch

Welcome to the online game Tom and Jerry: Match and Catch. This is a great Puzzle Game. The first game in the newly remade Tom and Jerry: Match and Catch Unblocked game series is sure to be a huge hit with young kids and adults alike. In this challenging new kids game, Tom and Jerry must compete in an ever changing obstacle course to rescue their captured friends. To help Tom and Jerry beat their opponents, they must plant trees on each level and use objects provided by the game to climb up and over obstacles. Different levels present unique challenges to the action as well. This fast paced game has great graphics and some really hilarious sound effects.

In this second game of the series, the competition is once again increased as evil Jigglers try to steal the treasure containing the golden egg. This time around the object is not as simple as it used to be when the objective was simply to put the captured character into the eggs. Now the player must navigate through a variety of tunnels and jump obstacles in order to reach the final resting place for their fallen pal. However, to make things more difficult the two younger characters are now allied with another who has been trained to foil the Jigglers plan. Together the two friends can help the older game character foil the Jigglers plans. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Tom and Jerry: Match and Catch Unblocked Free Game!