Grass Cutter

Welcome to the online game Grass Cutter. This is a online unblocked Puzzle Game. The Grass Cutter unblocked game is a challenging and addictive puzzle game. In it, your mission is to cut the grass in the most number of moves to produce beautiful flowers. This game is also compatible with mobile devices. You can control the grass cutter by touching or using WASD or arrow keys.

The game features 60 levels of mutant grass-cutting action. The game starts innocently, but as you proceed, you'll encounter obstacles and mutant grass monsters in your way. As you progress, you can also get more power-ups, which will help you through the levels. Power-ups include force-fields, mines, and extra lives. The difficulty level increases, as enemies get faster and gardens get more intricate. Later levels also introduce boss encounters, which make the game more challenging. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Grass Cutter Unblocked Free Game!