Dot Tap

Welcome to the cool game Dot Tap. This is a great puzzle games. Dot Tap unblocked game is a new puzzle game that is popular among preschool children. As the name of this particular game suggests - Dot Tap is about touching the ball while it is being shaken. When the green ball has to match the red ball, the position of the red ball will also change. The task in this game is to help the child to point out the correct position of both the ball and the wall. If you are able to identify all these three things correctly, you are bound to score a perfect five points for winning the game.

This game can be played by two players with each player using a stationary dot and the ball which move around the board by jumping and landing on different areas. In order to perform well in this game, it is highly recommended that both the players perform the same motion of shaking the ball. There is no restriction on performing the motion of shaking the ball other than the child should be able to identify and do the action that shows the ball exactly where the wall or the dot is located. A child who scores five points within a five minute time frame is considered to have scored a perfect game. You can easily increase the score by following the simple steps mentioned above.

If you are playing Dot Tap in your home, you may need to adjust the settings so that it is easier to find the right arrangement of the dots as well as the required number of players playing this game. The game can be enjoyed by children of different ages and in their own homes. This is not a game that can be only enjoyed during the summer or any other time when you are not in a group of friends. There are many people who actually play this game in their free time just to relax and de-stress. They have found it to be an excellent puzzle game and they thoroughly enjoy all the activities associated with it.Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Dot Tap unblocked free game!