Animals And Star

Welcome to the free game Animals And Star. This is a great Girl Games. If you love adventure games and love animals, then this is one game for you. Animals and Star Unblocked game are an exciting online educational game, in which your mission is to assist the little animals get to all the different stars on the screen. There are 40 levels altogether with 4 different types of terrain and various animal personalities. Can you get to finish all 40 levels earning 3 stars!

You are assisted by a boy in this fun html5 game. His aim is to collect all the stars for every level and to do that he has to build bridges, place traps, and also right the wrong animals. You also have to write a few wrong animals when crossing a bridge. Each level is different and has a time limit to beat.

So what's so great about this girl's game? First of all it's a really great puzzle game for girls. Secondly it's educational as it teaches kids the importance of teamwork. In fact, you can earn stars based on the number of correct animals you correct in this game. Thirdly, this girls game gives you a taste of what real life tasks are like. It may seem a little childish but it's definitely a lot more interesting than the same old chores we've done every day. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Animals And Star unblocked free game!