Save the Pilot

Do you think controlling a combat aircraft is difficult? Not at all, and believe it is enough to take up the steering wheel, which will control the aircraft and with the help of the steering wheel, you can shoot at the enemy. This is the main rule of the training school for combat pilots who will have to defend the airspace of their country. Each of the commanders of the military squadron hoped that their students would not have to soar into the sky when they heard the alarm signals, but unfortunately the siren sounded and Save the Pilot is a priority task. This meant one thing; their country's airspace was violated and now you need to protect your city and your state from the attack of the enemy. All as one military pilots prepared for departure and each was given their secret mission. The sky above the city was divided into conventional squares, in one of such squares our hero will fly. At high altitude, the enemy is already trying to rule, but this cannot be allowed. Rise into the sky and choose your target, after which you can open fire.