Vector Venom

Vector Venom is a unique platform game that puts you in the role of a vicious, reptile-like creature who roams the earth in search of prey! The goal of the game is to kill as many enemies as possible using various weapons and strategies. Instructions: Click on one of the green arrow pointers on the bottom right corner of the screen. Press the left mouse button to activate the stick, and use the mouse wheel to move the pointer cursor over a target.

Instructions: Click on the target of your mouse and release it once to throw the boar shaped shock wave. Press the left mouse button repeatedly to swing the club in a circular motion. Use the space bar to jump. Press the space bar again to drop down and activate the snake. If you are looking for a free platform games that has good graphics, sound effects, excellent user interface, creative physics, and fantastic artwork, then Vector Venom Unblocked game may be just what you are looking for. wishes you a good time playing Vector Venom unblocked cool game!