Biozombie Outbreak

Welcome to the online game Biozombie Outbreak. This is a great Shooting Game. Biozombie Outbreak Unblocked Game is a zombie shooting game for the PC. The story is about a group of teenagers who were stranded in an old house and awakened a crazy and dangerous zombies. They are searching for a safe place to live and discover that there is only one other girl in their town who has a safe house. You control these crazy zombies with the help of a flashlight and other tools you find at the end of each level. These girls also need help in order to protect themselves from the zombies and you are required to save them by shooting all the zombies as they approach the house.

After surviving the initial outbreak, the girl starts to slowly develop amnesia and is unable to remember much of the terrible ordeal she went through. She somehow managed to shoot and kill some zombies before losing consciousness. As she regained her memory she realized that the dead zombies had started to move and was afraid that one of them might attack her. You play as Jill Valentine, a member of the Blue Light Police force who has been sent to protect the town of Verona. Biozombie Outbreak Unblocked Game is really fun shooting game which involves a mixture of gun shooting action along with the keyboard movements required for the player to avoid being killed by the zombies. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Biozombie Outbreak Unblocked Free Game!