Drunken Wrestle

Welcome to the free unblocked game Drunken Wrestle. This is a great 2 Player Games. Put on your wrestling gear and prepare for the ultimate battle of good versus evil in Drunken Wrestle. This highly competitive two-player game is all about gettingummeled in the ring by wrestlers armed with nothing but their teeth. Take control of the ring from the very beginning by knocking out the bottom man and establishing dominance over the top man with a series of devastating attacks. When the time comes to knock out the legendary big guy known as the King, there is only one thing standing between him and victory...your jaw! Knock him out with a series of powerful blows from the top and lower register, or tap him out with a rear naked choke to lose the match in a hurry!

Drunken Wrestle unblocked game is a game series with a lot of action packed in. Knock out the bottom man quickly, and establish dominance over the top man through a series of brutal strikes. Knock out the tough guy and move onto the new guy who is armed with nothing but a table and a bit of muscle. It's an all out wrestling affair where only one can emerge the victor. You can even fight against different game settings and level designs to be the very drunken wrestler with a knack for knockouts. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Drunken Wrestle unblocked free game!